Friday, November 13, 2009

Perugia Italy continued

So waiting in Perugia has been a bit difficult at times... it's cold here, we're really conserving money... yesterday we smeared a hard boiled egg between bread (ha!)... I learned that when you're hungry things taste much better! We've been trying to save money and yesterday my purse was stolen, ouch. It makes me feel personally hurt- the girl was real nice to me the night before... I went to brush my teeth in the morning and then leave for the day and noticed that my wallet was gone and so was she. Things are looking up... my olive picking job fell through but today I skyped with a nice guy from Kansas who needs workers... so after I get my passport on Monday we will travel back to the mountains to work for him for a few weeks. I will miss Thanksgiving at home so much, by the way!!! I'm not going to worry about the money that I'm loosing in this situation... it makes me too sad/mad and I can't afford (haha) to feel those things now... I have to go to western union tomorrow (thank goodness I still have my international drivers license for I.D.) and then get my credit cards sent to my new job and finally go to the embassy on Monday... I will likely get a fine since I've overstayed my welcome but I guess that's fair. 

Today it was AWESOME  talking to my momma, Michelle and Christian by phone... nice to hear your voices!!! MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

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