Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Leaving the Quinta

Hey everyone,
So I'm leaving the quinta in an hour... wanted to write to say that I don't know where I'll be in a week's time. Yesterday we cleaned the rain drains, did a bunch of laundry and tried to keep motivated... I definitely had 'last day laziness'. We all got together for a staff dinner at Pepe's in Santa Clara. I will post a video soon. 
  Today we cleaned our room, mailed some post (cost 35 euros!) but my bag was too full so there ya go. Today's Matthais's b-day so we had a little party tonight and now we're getting ready to leave. 
  I'm going to the south to stay at Archie's tonight and by morning I'll be in Lagos with Matthias until November 1st. I might work with Matthais for a week or so or go straight to Southern France, Italy and then Greece. I found a job in Spain so hopefully I'll make my money last to get there after my 3 country excursion... I'm going by train since my visa is expired so that'll be expensive. Mom- I hope you still have my $500 dollar reserve :)  

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