Monday, October 26, 2009

Another work day at the Quinta

  Today Matthias and I woke up per usual by 8am and had breakfast before getting to work. The 6 great guests left this morning at 6am and left envelopes for us in their rooms. They wrote a really nice card and gave us each 60 euros! That's a lot of money and I feel so grateful. Matthias and I spent the morning debating whether or not we should put it in the tip jar. Our envelopes are still sitting on the microwave... we haven't made a decision as of yet. He feels we should and I feel we shouldn't. They were addressed to us individually and we really need the money. Other staff are not here everyday and they get paid; for me, it's easy, but likely I'm a greedy American... thoughts?

  Anyway, afterwards  I took Molly for a walk. Molly is being punished for nipping a guest and is on a chain... sad! But it's a great excuse to take a nice walk in the mornings. This morning I took some photos. There were only 2 guests at the Quinta so I felt pretty lackadaisical. 

 The first picture is an olive tree overlooking part of the lake; the 2nd is Molly, Honey and Pescha (Fish in Portuguese).

After the walk I began painting and continued until noon. I made lunch for staff; no guests yay! Today I made a hamburger casserole, tomato salad and apple crisp. After lunch Matthias and I painted all of the stairs at the Quinta. We finished at 5pm after a few mishaps, mainly my sitting on a wet step with my mainly bare bum, oops.... note to self: don't paint in a dress. Got it. We jumped in the lake as soon as we finished our last stairwell. We don't have to make a dinner tonight which is really great. It's nice to have a break. 

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