Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quinta (Farm)

The last few days have been rough... I've been doing hard labor jobs which I love but I've gotten beaten up along the way. I definitely have the wrong shoes! I've fallen down a lot and skinned my knees, got stung by wasps (so many here) and I woke up with spider bites (yuck!) But, it's just typical life here. No Problems! In the last few days I've learned a lot: how to mix cement and fix rock walls, how to build a canopy over cars (for example) which involved sawing but Papa taught me that, how to make bread ( so good) and there's more I'm sure. I accidently gave my best tank top to the cleaning lady. She was admiring it on the drying rack and I meant to say, "you like it?" but "you can have it" came out (in Portuguese). She was SOOO happy and in reality she appreciates it way more than I do... she doesn't have much... I feel good about it.

    Great news is I'm going to Faro tomorrow by train.. I haven't been outside this farm for.... 3 weeks! It's crazy. I almost didn't leave at all because the neighbor asked me to help her with her roof on my day off (tomorrow) and I almost said yes... she would pay me but I HAVE to see a city or I will get depressed... I feel it coming... so I'm out of here.... talk to you in a few days my loves!

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